5000mAh Long battery life mini portable GPS Tracker with magnet & waterproof & Drop Alert.


10000mAh Long battery life mini portable GPS Tracker with magnet & waterproof & Drop Alert.

C61 - GPS Logger + Speedometer

Universal HUD with driving time and deistance display.


smallest portable

One of the smallest portable GPS+LBS+WiFi Tracker, IPX7 Waterproof design with tiny size: 35x66x14mm, Maximum 30 working days with 700mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

Applicable scene

Perfect tracker for kid’s bag, handbag, luggage or keychain Panic button built-in, perfect security device for ladies, seniors and kid.

WiFi Location

The tracker will scan the nearby WiFi router signal and get the address from the Google database. This tracking mode works even indoor and accuracy is around 10-100 meters.

WiFi Fence

User can setup specific WiFi hotspot coverage as a fence, alert will be triggered when device enter or exit the fence. WiFi fence comparably smaller coverage, but much better accuracy and stable than the regular geo-fence.

About KingNeed

KingNeed is the leading GPS Tracker manufacturer in China, with a 19 years history. And we are the Guangdong High Tech Company with TUV ISO9001.

In the 19 years, we have been committed to several electronic areas including battery charger, Children’s education, and GPS Tracker products. And with our strong in-house development ability, we had obtained over one hundred patents for our products. And each area achieved its remarkable success.

In the Charger industry, we are one of the world's top 10 suppliers, foundry partner for Panasonic, Sanyo, Energizer, and IKEA. In Children's education industry, we pioneered and lead the domestic digital education market and became a well-known brand in the whole country.

And for the recent years, we have contributed ourselves into the GPS TRACKER industry; we developed the products from hardware to software and to the platform, by our own all-in-house development team. And we have obtained more than 30 related patents

Now we are the specialists in developing innovation products for the Niche Market for our oversea buyers. If you have any new idea, you are more than welcome to share us, we are sure we will be the great partner to work with.

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KingNeed Magnet GPS Tracker is a flexible personal security device with multi-usage. Uses a unique blend of GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi technology to help user locate their values both indoors and out.

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Solar Powered Mini GPS Tracker.

None stop power, continuous using forever with one charge, Super mini size, easy to carry and hide.Maximum 30 days working time with 3000mAh lithium polymer battery

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Auto Hidden Voice Recorder with magnet and digital voice activation.

Compact Design, easy to hide, difficult to find out, Supports 120 hours continuous voice recording or up to 45 days in-car recording.

Product List

School Card Mini GPS Tracker

  • Slim card design GPS Tracker

  • Big and Sensitive GPS antenna built-in

  • Panic button built-in, perfect security device for ladies, seniors and kid

  • Support indoor tracking with LBS or WiFi position technique

  • WiFi version is an option to be selected

  • T530: 1500mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery

  • T530: Maximum 30 working days

  • T531: 700mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery

  • T531: Maximum 15 working days